100 most funny advertisemnt.


An amazing inspirational post which features over 100 print based creative advertisement designs for you to enjoy, which will get your creativity flowing.
In today’s modern life advertisement plays a key role in order for any company or product to succeed the advertisement must deliver our powerful message which attracts the consumer’s attention. These are a collection of creative and also very funny advertisements which are granted to catch your attention and make you giggle. I believe that in order to have a good marketing campaigned of any product or service humour is the route to take, people always remember something which brought a smile to their face.
Like always feel free to share your favourite funny and clever advertisement designs featured within the post in a comment below it would be very much appreciated, also share any creative design advertisements which you feel we may have missed from the post.

1. Aware Helpline: Verbal abuse, 2mouth-advertisments

2. Volkswagen Touareg: Goatgoat-advertisment

3. Tabaconomia : Calculates Tobacco Costs, Cartobaco

4. Decathlon: Better gearbetter-gear

5. Senior Self Defence Academy: Deadly seniors, Biker


6. You Eat What You Touch


6. Water


7. Stop Hiding Problemsstop-hiding-problems

8. Stockholms Hundforum (Daytime dog care)funny-dog
24. Coke
26. Money
39. Nokia
93. Alarm
100. Pinchopincho

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